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The Main Reasons To Get A Glass Shower Enclosure

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One of the main goals of remodeling a home is to increase value and make the home look more modern. If you are a tight budget, achieving that goal by getting the most bang for your buck is essential. The kitchen and the bathroom areas are usually where you get the most value. One of the ways you can easily make a bathroom look more modern is to update the shower/tub area. A glass enclosure for your shower is a cost-effective way to update your bathroom, and there are other positives as well.

A Glass Enclosure Is Easy to Install

One of the biggest hassles of remodeling a bathroom is that it can take a long time. Unlike a wainscot made of tile or fiberglass, a glass enclosure is usually just the glass at the hinges that hold it together. With two or four main pieces of the glass shower enclosure, it's easy to surround the shower or tub area with customized glass in just an hour or two once any previous structure is removed. 

A Glass Enclosure Is a Sleek, Modern Look

Many of the newest glass structures do not have a frame. This provides a very sleek, clean, and modern look to the enclosure. Even if you are adding glass panels or doors to an existing tub/shower, it can make an older tub look new. This is good if you need to update your home but don't have the money to replace an old tub in addition to adding a glass enclosure. By getting rid of the frame and the plastic sliding doors on your tub, you'll see your bathroom transformed. One of the great appeals of glass shower enclosures is that they open the bathroom up and make it look bigger because they are easy to see through, which isn't the case with plastic doors or other materials.

A Glass Enclosure Is Easy to Clean

Old plastic shower doors easily get mildew and soap scum buildup. Other common materials used to make shower doors is also prone to getting grime buildup. A glass enclosure is easier to clean for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that glass isn't prone to get the hard buildup like plastic. It naturally cleans with the water in the shower. With glass cleaner, grime easily comes off. With enclosures that are without a frame, you no longer have to worry about cleaning the glass in and around the frame where the most buildup occurs. With glass enclosures, your shower can easily be squeegeed after a shower and look great.

If your goal is to not spend a ton of money but update your bathroom quickly, then update your shower doors and structure with enclosed glass. It'll give your bathroom a new and fresh look, and it will make the shower appear bigger. That adds value when you sell your home.

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