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Types Of Window Tints For Your Home

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Window tinting has become popular as tinting offers more benefits than window blinds. For instance, window tint is more attractive as you can select different styles for your home. Additionally, glass tint requires a one-time installation, unlike storm shutters that you have to keep re-installing. Besides, window tinting holds the glass together, increasing the longevity of the glass. Most importantly, tinting provides privacy and security. If you're considering installing glass tinting in your home, here are the various types of tints that you can choose.

UV Tint

UV control film reflects UV rays hence regulating your home temperatures especially in summer. That's beneficial since ultraviolet rays are usually harmful, and long-term exposure to the rays may cause cancer. Hence, UV window tinting protects your health. Besides, you don't have to overwork your AC, and you get to save on energy expenses.

Additionally, UV rays can cause fading of your curtains and furniture, and you may have to replace your home furnishings frequently, which can cause financial strain. With UV glass tinting, you get sufficient sunlight in your home without being concerned about the harmful UV rays.

Decorative or Dyed Tint

Decorative tinting is popular as homeowners use the tint to decorate their homes. The tint is also the most economical as decorative comes as a thin sheet. And because of this thinness, the tint doesn't provide UV protection. However, when you view the glass tinting from outside, the tint looks opaque, thus providing the privacy you need. A decorative tint is an excellent option for bathrooms that don't have frosted windows. Additionally, the tint contains some dye that absorbs solar heat, which prevents this heat from entering your house. Decorative glass tinting comes in various patterns and colors, and you can choose the style that best suits your home.

Glare Prevention Tint

Glare prevention tinting cuts down on the amount of the sun's reflection that enters your home. Generally, the sun's glare may make your indoors uncomfortable as the reflection may interfere with your activities. For instance, you may not work on your computer or watch your favorite TV show due to the reflection. And excess sunlight can also damage your eyes. Hence, glare prevention glass tinting cuts off the glare and you can enjoy the indoors.

Decorative tints, glare prevention tints, and UV tints are examples of glass tinting options. Consider installing these window tints to take care of your tint-related needs. For more information, contact a company like American  Glass Tint Inc.