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Considerations When Choosing Glass For Your Slide Patio Door

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Your patio glass opens your home to the patio area to give you an unobstructed view of the outdoor space. Besides aesthetics, your patio glass should offer utmost protection against weather elements and break-ins. In addition, the glass type you select for your patio door has a direct effect on your door's performance and longevity. As a result, utmost diligence is paramount as you choose a patio glass.

Before you choose or buy patio glass, consider the factors discussed below.


If you have a private yard, having clear glass won't interfere with your privacy. But if privacy is a concern to you, various remedies are available to create a safe space. You could go for a tinted or mirrored glass. Mirrored glass, for instance, contains a translucent film that creates a mirror-like effect when your indoor light is less than outdoor lights. You will be able to see outside in the daytime, but people outside can't see through to your indoor space.

Energy Efficiency

Your glass choice for patio doors has a significant impact on your home's energy efficiency. Patio glass covers a wide portion of your door, determining how much heat your door gains or loses. Multiple glazed glasses will do if you live in an area with very cold winters and extremely hot summers. But if you want to minimize solar heat gain or reflect away UV, choose low-E glass.

Number of Panes

Glass almost always comes in single, double, or triple panes. With single-pane glass, your doors have one glass pane with no patterns or shapes, giving you a clearer view of the outside. Multiple pane glasses have more than one pane with grilles between each pane. Various shapes and patterns are available for a customized look. However, the grilles cause a barrier between your indoor and outdoor spaces.


A major concern with slide patio doors is accidental damage and deliberate break-ins. Glass options with high impact resistance include double laminated, tempered, and polycarbonate. If you have a different preferred glass and want to boost strength, a shatterproof film comes in handy. The film is cost-effective and makes your glass hard to break.


Like your home's exterior side, your patio glass material is crucial to your home's overall appearance. You wouldn't want a mistake in your choice of glass to ruin your patio aesthetics. Let the style and quality of your patio glass complement your home with the incredible tips discussed above. Besides, you can get a reputable glass contractor to offer further guidance and glass installation services. Contact a local glass installation service, such as Bay Glass Co. Inc., to learn more.