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Using Window Tint Films To Convert Your Glass Into High-Performance Mode

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Tinting the windows to your business premises is one of the best ways to protect it from the adverse effects of the sun. You will get countless efforts when you decide to coat the windows with film. These include decorated, frosted, and anti-graffiti film. You might also be interested in safety film, which keeps everyone safe by holding the glass together even after shattering. Here are some of the benefits you should expect to gain when investing in film for your windows. Read More»

3 Qualities Of A Reliable Auto Glass Repair Company

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Loose chippings hurled by moving cars, harsh weather, collision, falling debris, or vandalism attempts can cause cracks, chips, or breakage of the windshield, side, or rear windows. When you experience such an unfortunate incident, you need to call an auto glass service to assess the extent of damage and help determine the best course of action. But how do you choose the right glass repair service? Here are the qualities of a reliable auto glass repair company. Read More»

5 Reasons to Replace Your Rear Window

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Auto glass replacement is often focused on the front windshield, but the rear window is not impervious to damage. Knowing when it is time to consider replacement is important if you want to maintain the safety of your vehicle.  1. Cracks and Chips On a front windshield, a crack or chip can sometimes be repaired. This is not the case with a rear window. The rear glass is designed to shatter, so even a small crack or chip ruins the structural integrity of the window so that further damage is more likely to occur even if you attempt to repair the chip. Read More»

Types Of Window Tints For Your Home

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Window tinting has become popular as tinting offers more benefits than window blinds. For instance, window tint is more attractive as you can select different styles for your home. Additionally, glass tint requires a one-time installation, unlike storm shutters that you have to keep re-installing. Besides, window tinting holds the glass together, increasing the longevity of the glass. Most importantly, tinting provides privacy and security. If you’re considering installing glass tinting in your home, here are the various types of tints that you can choose. Read More»

5 Warning Signs You Need Auto Glass Repair

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Auto glasses are essential parts of a vehicle that help protect you and ensure clear vision when driving. Unfortunately, minor damage to a windshield is easily missed or ignored by drivers compared to noticeable damage. Putting off routine inspections and repairs can not only cost you more money in the future but can also put your life at risk. To prevent accidents from happening, you need to know when your auto glass needs repairs. Read More»

Benefits Of Install Commercial Glass For Your Business

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Did you know that installing a commercial glass door or storefront can create the right impressions for your business? Experienced commercial glass installation technicians will tell you that glass storefronts offer increased visibility and more sales opportunities. Indeed, your business storefront is your customer’s first impression of your business. It tells them whether you’re a serious brand worth their time and money. The ambiance in your business premises or shop is important, but having attractive glass frontage can do more than other types of materials. Read More»

Prevalent DIY Windshield Repair Blunders Most People Make Today

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The windshield is designed to prevent debris, dust, insects, rain, and other environmental elements from entering your car. Besides this, the glass performs many safety functions like providing clear road vision, supporting the vehicle structure, and absorbing the impact in case of a collision.  The windshield also reduces the sun’s glare and ensures the driver and passengers don’t get thrown out of the car. With that said, it’s evident that the windshield should always be in top shape to function effectively. Read More»